The Best Lacrosse Uniforms for 2024

8th Feb 2024

The Best Lacrosse Uniforms for 2024

Our Pro's Have Weighed In On The Best Lacrosse Uniforms of 2024

It’s an exciting lacrosse season with some notable changes in the lacrosse jersey space this year. Some coaches might be dusting off that old box of jerseys and thinking that maybe an upgrade might be in order for the team. Every year we try to review new products from our favorite brands, so that our you - our loyal fans - can find the best uni for your squad. Scroll down for reviews of our top picks among field uniforms, box lacrosse jerseys, and practice kits.

The Best Box Lacrosse Jersey for 2024

Box lacrosse has been dominated by some non-traditional brands this past decade. But, just recently our friends at Nike decided to throw their hat into the ring and roll out the Nike Digital Elite Box Lacrosse Jersey for 2024. With a full dye sublimated construction - this jersey features a mid-weight fabric that is heavier than you would expect, but still breathes well when the game heats up. A traditional box fit allows for long sleeves that end just above the glove and properly hemmed bottom so it fits just right.There are definitely other options for box that might fit your budget a bit better, but for this year our vote goes to Nike. Welcome to the party pal…

The Best Custom Lacrosse Uniform for 2024

For the past few seasons there has not been a whole lot of exciting news in this uniform category since Syracuse came out rocking those Nike sleeveless kits during the NCAA tourney. Every coach was like…. I gotta have those, followed by the NFHS saying nice try, but that is illegal.

So for 2024 we are going with a little bit of a local bias in our choice. We are based in South Bend, IN and our company has some hometown roots with a certain 2023 National Championship squad. Our vote for best lacrosse uniform of 2024 goes too…. The Under Armour Armourfuse Primetime lacrosse uniform. If you are going to emulate your look based on a college team this season, why not go with a championship contender.

The Primetime jersey and short features a fully dye sublimated design and is constructed with UA’s proprietary “varsity mesh” to give you that added performance edge. The other win for this kit comes from the construction of the matching short - it’s a 7” inseam which is kinda hard to find from the big boy brands. So just to recap our voting rationale: worn by champions, amazing performance features, and short shorts… enough said.

The Best Porthole Lacrosse Jersey for 2024

In the past few years the popularity of a throwback or retro lacrosse jersey has become all the rage, even as far up as the PLL wearing some vintage kits last season. This is an award that I hold near and dear to my heart because back in the day (1993), my first lax jersey was this sweet porthole jersey from Bacharach Rasin. I can tell exactly how old you are if you remember this company and getting that sweet paper catalog in the mail every spring. Nonetheless, not all retro jerseys are created equal - so we thought we would share our rationale for choosing the winner. First, we we as experts must ask the important questions - like can you have too much porthole mesh and the simple answer is yes, yes you can. Some manufacturers out there went full porthole and in our humble opinion that is a little too far considering the limited touch points of fabric seams. Who wants to wear a jersey that looks like the mesh tank from the movie Bruno. So, the geniuses at Elevation Sports spent some time crafting up a classic looking jersey that blends elite performance fabrics with the sweet swagger of the porthole mesh you know and love. In fact, we went as far to offer the classic box yoke style throwback pattern and a newer updated modern fit porthole jersey that takes it to the next level. Rest assured our pricing will keep this one in your budget as an alternate top or a special uni for that big hometown rivalry game. Without further adieu, our choice for the best porthole mesh lacrosse jersey belongs to Elevation Sports - der.