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Elevation Sports is proud to offer 9 unique web store solutions depending on the type of organization you run - Leagues, Individual Teams, School Bookstores, and Businesses. Depending on your needs, we can customize our platform to help you achieve your specific goals like fundraising, employee appreciation, pre-event registration, coaches ordering portal, online bookstore extension, and many more. With your online apparel store running year round, you can focus on the more important things like running a successful program.

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The Elevation Sports online store platform is a perfect solution for league administrators and coaches. We work hand in hand with board members to hand select uniforms and apparel for teams. Our “Coaches Portal” solution allows the league to create a selection of approved uniforms and merchandise for coaches to purchase for their teams. No more teams showing up on game day with a uniform that is off brand or doesn’t meet the design standards for the league. This service is not designed for distribution to individual families or players since the pricing and order minimums would be team size quantities.


Our platform for teams is the perfect solution for coaches or athletic directors that want a robust offering of custom apparel and merchandise for their fans, players, and families. You can choose from hundreds of items from all the top brands like Nike and Under Armour as well as more budget conscious non-branded apparel selections. If you would like to monetize your store, you can add a percentage or dollar based fundraising mark-up that is returned to the team administrator or school each season. We can fulfill your orders in bulk and deliver them to a single location already separated or we can ship directly to the homes of your families for a small fee.


One of our most popular options is our hybrid bookstore option for schools. With budgets getting smaller each year, it is harder to invest in a ton of inventory for your bookstore. We offer both a hybrid solution and a 100% online solution for schools to offer an amazing selection of apparel and merchandise to students. Our hybrid model involves managing a small amount of inventory for sale onsite and offering a full line of goods online for purchase. We individually package the orders and ship them in bulk to the bookstore every few weeks so that students can pick it up at school. When we ship bulk orders to the school for students we can also include fill-in merchandise for the bookstore to stock at the same time. Our 100% online model is pretty turnkey - the onsite bookstore is simply a pick up location for online orders. No overhead and no inventory to worry about.


Our online store solution for businesses is extremely popular for companies of any size. We create an online site exclusively for your business so that your staff or customers can purchase approved apparel and merch for the office. One of the things that makes our corporate stores so unique is our e-gift card program. Business administrators can purchase individual e-gift cards in bulk and distribute them to staff. This is a great way for companies to show appreciation to their team and allow them to pick a personalized gift that they really want. We manage the whole process from start to finish so you can focus on more important things, like running your business.

Online Apparel Stores


Our state of the art team store platform makes it easy for your customers to get the goods they want, no matter what device they are on. Our mobile responsive site is designed to work on all iPhones, Android phones, tablets, and standard computers with an amazing user interface no matter what device you choose. Our secure checkout with 128-bit encryption gives those shopping on your site 100% confidence when finalizing their order with a credit card payment.

Team Apparel Stores


Our digital catalog has been curated by our product experts to provide you with a great selection of high quality products with strong inventory. Since our stores never close, we need to make sure the products we offer can be produced quickly - so some items from Nike and Under Armour may not be available due to inventory concerns. That being said we can make arrangements for your store to offer limited edition product for 1 week periods that can be special ordered, simply ask your team store consultant.


Not only is our web store platform super easy to order from, but our team handles everything for you from start to finish. We answer all customer service related questions on sizing and products, we individually pick and pack each order, we email tracking numbers when orders ship, and we are available 5 days a week to answer any questions your customers may have. Get your online store started today, click on the button below to get the ball rolling.