Patagonia Changes Policy On Adding A Custom Logo

20th Apr 2021

Patagonia Changes Policy On Adding A Custom Logo

New Patagonia Policy On Adding A Custom Logo

3/1/2023 - New Policy

Until now businesses, events, and certain organizations were only allowed to purchase Patagonia items blank and not embellished. In recent weeks they have decided to allow "off chest" logos on a limited basis - therefore opening up the ability to customize a jacket to a wider group of clientele. 

The reason Patagonia made this decision is that they have developed new solutions to either remove, repair, or repurpose embroidered Patagonia products, to better extend their usable lifespan, and to keep them out of the landfill. This program will be offered on a limited basis.

If you are a medical institution or a University, front chest embroidery may still be an option - see below.

4/20/2021 - Previous Policy 

In the past few years Patagonia has grown as a dominant player in the industry for embroidered jackets and fleece outerwear. A long time staple of the outdoor community, Patagonia has slowly made headway into the corporate gift and business apparel world by offering select companies the ability to distribute and decorate it's most popular items.

You don't have to go far when the weather gets cold to see the popularity of the brand and the loyalty that Patagonia customers possess. Elevation has been at the forefront of the Patagonia explosion offering customers completely embroidered and personalized jackets and apparel with only a 6 piece minimum. 

But recently, with Patagonia's continued pursuit of reducing the environmental impact of their products, they have decided to disallow the use of custom logo's on their products. Below is an excerpt from the notice that was sent out by Patagonia.

  • "Patagonia respects the power of all company logos. Every organization, business and group we work with is doing its own part to improve our planet’s future, and those efforts endow each logo with a very worthy set of values.
  • We’ve also found that adding a logo to any Patagonia product significantly shortens its life span—specifically, by limiting its use to business hours or a person’s tenure at a single company or organization.
  • We want you and your colleagues to get the most out of your Patagonia gear, on the job and off, because extending a product’s life span has a big impact on the planet: Using existing gear for just nine additional months, for example, can reduce a product’s waste, water and CO2 footprint by 20 to 30 percent compared to buying a new garment. Extend that use by a little more than two years, and it cuts that garment’s overall footprint by 82 percent.
  • That’s why Patagonia is no longer authorizing the addition of logos to our gear. If adding a logo means the product could end up forgotten in a closet—or worse, in a landfill—we aren’t satisfied with that. As a like-minded organization, dedicated to making the world a better place, we don’t think you are either.
  • By joining us in extending the life of the gear you wear and use, you’re making a statement about your own commitment to sustainability—and taking another step toward saving our home planet."

That being said, customers can still purchase blank Patagonia products at bulk discounts, but they cannot be embroidered. There are a few exceptions to the rule that may be allowed for embellishment with prior approval from Patagonia. 

  • Hospitals, medical facilities, outpatient care, and speciality medical offices where the jacket is part of the uniform - will be allowed front chest embellishment and a personalized name.
  • With prior approval, Universities will be allowed to decorated Patagonia product, but the logo placement must be located on the sleeve or upper back. No front chest placement will be allowed.
  • 1% for the Planet members and B-Corps are also allowed to add an embroidered logo.

Patagonia is working with decorators to research short term decoration methods that may allow for the removal of the branding if an employee no longer works at the same company, but would continue to wear the garment. This is an ongoing change that we will keep you to date on as details become available. If you have questions on this article or if you would like to see if your organization is eligible to co-brand a Patagonia jacket, please email us at