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Cascade S Lacrosse Helmets

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The S helmet from Cascade Lacrosse is a true marvel of helmet perfection. Worn by top lacrosse players, pro teams, and the best colleges, the Cascade S is the most elite level helmet in the industry today. The features are endless when it comes to describing the S: the tri-liner protection system, super mono shell, S-Series jaw, advanced ventilation, and the hardtail SPRFIT system. All of these features are only rivaled by the limitless options for customization offered through Elevation Sports and visible in greater detail at the Cascade factory custom website. If budget is a concern, the Cascade R is still one of the most popular options out there for high school and college teams. 


Composed of three groundbreaking features, hence the word "Tri." The first a GEN4 EPP impact protection system that was designed to manage variable force impacts that affect the front of the helmet and the facemask. With physicality of lacrosse, the hits and checks take their toll on players of all positions. This tri-liner system is the first of it's kind to attempt to reduce concussions as the result of frontal impact from a stick or another player. The 2nd part of this protection system is the NV3 high performance foam that was designed to protect the top of the head. The monoshell design and this high tech liner come together to form a precisely molded defense that maintains its fit and comfort under the stress of an impact. Lastly the 3rd member of the tri system is the long running Seven Technologies impact liner that compresses laterally upon contact to displace energy and resets within seconds. This liner is placed around the sides of the helmet and the back to handle repeated hits.


The shell of the Cascade S features a one piece construction call a supermono shell with both the upper and visor portion of the helmet created as as single piece of plastic. The center of gravity was moved to the middle of the helmet to keep the overall weight and balanced and aligned during the most intense games. The S-Series jaw is the the most defining feature of the S, teams can recognize it from across the field. In addition to be being the trademark of this lid, the S-Series jaw is reinforced piece of black material that helps provide additional protection and stiffness to the helmet.


The expanded ventilation system on the top of the lacrosse helmet were designed to increase air flow two fold. Cool air enters the front of the helmet and exits the rear exhaust much like the air intake on a sports car. This is often an overlooked feature of the S because all of the other ground breaking tech, but one that is important for new or advanced players. The sport of lacrosse has expanded from the the spring to be a year round sport, many of those months are on turf fields in 90+ degree heat, the added cooling effects from this airflow system are extremely beneficial to keeping players as cool as possible.


Choose from 13 standard colors that are the traditional gloss finish or the 8 specialty finishes that range from matte and carbon fiber to metallic and platinum colors. Pick your team color and use the facemask and chin piece to add accents to your team color scheme.

Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet Colors


The molded chin piece attaches to the supermono shell and supports the facemask. It is available in 16 standard gloss colors, a few more than the shell as Cascade added cobalt blue, purple, lime green (not shown) and yellow. At this time there are not any chin pieces available in specialty finishes for the Cascade S lacrosse helmet.

Cascade S Helmet Chin Colors


The S can be further customized with several different options for the facemask. The standard has always been the standard black or silver chromanium. But over the years teams have been more demanding with the color options and Cascade responded with two new color options. The first is a chrome series available in Red, Royal, and Green (minimum 12 helmets per order). The second and more recent is the softer pearl color series that features White and Gold with no minimum, and purple or orange with a 12 piece minimum order.

Cascade S Custom Facemask Colors


Standard white or black are available on any S helmet, but for an up-charge you can choose gold, forest, orange, royal blue, or red for your team. 

Cascade S Helmet Custom Chin Strap Colors

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