Summer Lacrosse Is Just Around The Corner, Is Your Team Ready?

Posted by Chris Williams on 9th Mar 2015

With the spring season heating up as players of all ages hit fields across the country,

the summer months may seem like a distant dream. However, with a plethora of

custom uniform options for men and women designed to cater to a diverse range of team needs

available; now is the time for coaches and program administrators to turn their

attention toward outfitting their teams for the summer circuit.


For the better part of the last decade, any discussion involving summer lacrosse

uniforms and apparel would be incomplete without a heavy dose of sublimation.

Sublimated garments are decorated by a digital dyeing process by which a design is

dyed into the fabric (as opposed to printed upon it) producing a vibrant finished

product that (unlike screen printing) does not crack, fade or peel over time. Once

looked upon as a passing fad intended for teams seeking an over-the-top look,

custom dye sublimation has found it’s place as the favorite of programs looking to

sport a totally custom look, brand themselves and even market their players to


Big Brands Grab More Marketshare

Need evidence of the impact sublimated technology has had on the world of custom

sportswear? Look no further than the latest offerings from Nike’s Digital Quick Turn

(DQT) & Flow collections; as well as those from the Under Armour ArmourFuse line. 

These two sportswear heavy-hitters offer the ability for consumers to merge the

uncompromised quality each are known for with the ability to create a custom

selection of uniforms and apparel intended to give their teams a professional look –

all while utilizing the very latest advancements in technical fabrics and construction.

In addition to offerings from these globally recognized brands, Warrior (Boy’s/Men)

& Brine (Girl’s/Women) have hopped on board the sublimation wagon and offer a

full lineup known as ChromaGear - intended as an option for teams looking to go

beyond the constraints of traditional athletic screen printing in favor of a custom

branded setup that offers the flexibility to add practical elements like a player’s last

name and/or graduation year to a uniform. New to this year’s ChromaGear

offerings is a sleeveless boy’s/men’s game jersey that combines a sublimated jersey

with an all-new cut specifically designed to be worn when temperatures rise.

Simple Sublimation At An Affordable Price

An exciting new addition to the dye-sublimated landscape in 2015 is Elevation's new FUSE brand, a line of

sublimation aimed at programs who (up until now) have been priced out of

sublimated apparel and who can now enjoy the ability to outfit their programs with

a completely custom option at a fraction of the price. 

Whatever your budget or team’s needs, Elevation Sports has a custom solution

designed to make your squad stand out from the crowd. Contact our team sales

department today and let us transform your team’s image and your expectations of

what a team dealer should be.