​Online Team Stores - Changing the Way Your Team Shops

Posted by Mike Williams on 1st Aug 2016

Chances are any athletic team you have ever been associated with offers team apparel for purchase. Spiritwear is great for players to wear during competition, parents and grandparents to show their team support or for coaches to purchase and wear on the sidelines. While in theory this apparel just shows up when the season begins we all know that there is a great deal of work that goes into organizing these orders. Online team stores through Elevation Sports help solve a common issue that many coaches face by simplifying the process for you. 

The Problem

Lets paint a picture all coaches can relate with: Its getting dark as practice ends and you are overrun with players trying to turn in their spirit wear order forms. Jimmy forgot his check, Chris left his order form at home and Kyle's mom doesn't know what size to put down for her son's sweatshirt. You thought you signed up to coach a youth team and now you're stuck doing paperwork and spending less time focusing on your team.

With the limited time and resources most teams have usually run by volunteers, there must be a better way to free up time and deliver high quality team apparel your team demands...right?

The Solution

Elevation's online team store program is designed to take the hassle out of gathering your team's apparel & spirit wear orders. Among the benefits of team stores:

Ease of Use - We help you choose items for your store that best fit your team's needs, help you design them & provide you with your own URL & password protected store to distribute to your team.
Professional Design - Our full service art team can either create a custom look for your team or apply or alter your existing logos to design your store's garments. Use the same logo for all items or offer a unique separate logo on screen printed & embroidered items.
Quick Turnaround - Most stores ship in less than a month from the time your store closes.
Easy Delivery - Our team separates your orders for you marking each order with the player's name. We ship all team store orders to the coach for free. Take convenience a step further & add individual shipping to your store for a small fee & never touch an order while your players receive their orders at their front door!
Quick Strike Products - We know that as a coach you've got enough on your plate already. Thats why we've put together an assortment of our best selling products with deep inventory to take the guesswork out of what to offer your team.
Fundraising - Many teams choose to add a percentage to their team's products that we then issue back to your team after your store has been processed.

Online team stores from Elevation Sports are a hassle free solution to your team's spirit wear needs!