Custom Socks... Officially Part Of The Uniform

Posted by Chris Williams on 14th Apr 2015

Perhaps no single piece of a team’s uniform has made the transition from

afterthought to must-have item in recent years than the sock. Once considered an

individual choice, customized team socks have become standard on courts and fields


Elevation 2.0 Custom Crew Socks are the latest offering to our top-selling line.

Nearly 500 color combinations across 12 totally custom styles (plus the option to

add your team’s logo and/or text) provide virtually endless possibilities to accent

your team’s uniform. Constructed of durable polypropylene, these socks wick

moisture, dry quickly, and provide the cushion you need to perform.

Interchangeable color zones make it easy to pair home/away versions or modify an

existing design to create a totally unique look only your team will be wearing. For

those not sure what style might fit best, send us a logo and idea of what your

primary, secondary and accent colors should be and we’ll turn an Elevation quick

mock - putting all the options in front of you so choosing the perfect pair will be a


Custom sublimated crew socks allow you to add a variety of design elements to

create 360 degrees of customization. Ranging from the most basic, traditional styles

with only a team logo or player’s number, to a full digital design that capitalizes on

the abilities of this cutting-edge technology - dye sublimated socks provide limitless

opportunity to create a one of a kind style for your program. Take this option to the

next level by sublimating one of the best selling athletic socks of all time – the Nike

Elite Crew. This is a perfect option for those already in Nike uniforms and want

some continuity in their game day look; or those looking to merge the world-class

quality of the swoosh with the infinite options sublimation allows.

Whether you prefer the performance and craftsmanship of our woven Elevation 2.0

Custom Sock or the digital possibilities a fully sublimated sock offers – let Elevation

help complete your uniform with an economical and impactful addition to your

team’s identity as you hit the field of play.